Thursday Thoughts

So with the furlough comes an abundance of free time… and a lot of time with my thoughts. Some love the time to think, sometimes for me it’s too much.

You see, I’m a planner to the extreme. I want to know exactly what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be in the next 1, 5, 10 and 20 years. Unfortunately that is not how life works. I have ideas of what I want and expect but have barriers keeping me there… *cough cough* MONEY.

Here’s a glimpse into the crazy thoughts of Karla…they’re all over the place! 🙂

  • Miley may be nuts and off her rocker a little bit but I cannot get enough of her ‘Wrecking Ball‘ song. It speaks wonders and shows how vulnerable she really is right now.

  • While skimming Pinterest today I stumbled upon this mug set. It’s a must have when I get married (…I should probably get engaged first)


  • Today I came to realization that I might be overtraining. While I see much more definition coming in, I am utterly exhausted in the weight room. Right now I’m lifting heavy 5-6 days a week. Think it may be time to scale it back to 4 days a week and try adding more running into my routine. Lord knows I need to get back into running since my knee injury (stay tuned for a near-future post about that…) Been taking 2 baths a day to combat the soreness and fatigue I’m feeling.


  • Really enjoying Bess’ Walktober challenge. The weather has been beautiful and has given me time to get out of my apartment instead of just sitting around. There’s so many beautiful trails where I live… the picture may look real ‘fally’ but a filter was applied 😉 A cold front is making it’s way through so by next week there should be beautiful fall foliage-my favorite! 
  • Wore a cute racerback and naturally took a shot of my back muscles starting to pop in. On the 26th I’m getting a new (and most likely last) tattoo on my right shoulder and I cannot wait to see how great it will look 🙂

Told you I’m all over the place mentally…time to go shower and head downtown to Tyler’s.

Don’t forget to keep working towards those dreams and goals ya’ll. But listen to your body too!

❤ KC


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Laura @losingrace

    I feel like my thoughts are ridiculously random every day so no judgement here. I agree maybe scale back weight training a little and work in a walk or run in place of one of them- the combination of the workouts will help! You are doing so awesome though, your determination is inspiring!

  2. Brittany

    DUDDDEEE I LOVE MILEY’s song!! The video sort of scared me a bit, and my jaw might have dropped out of shock, but DAMN THE SONG IS GOOD!! It def spoke to me hahaha. WHOOO BABY LOOK at those muscles!!


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