The Weekender

Why is it that the work-week is sooo slow but weekends just fly by? I didn’t even do anything that exciting this weekend, except for lots of sleeping/napping. 

Here’s a quick glimpse into my weekend. 

Friday night Tyler & I went on a double date to my favorite restaurant: The Old Fashioned.


The wait was about 90 minutes so we had some drinks and socialized. To keep it relatively light I went with a delicious salmon salad. 


After dinner we just hung out and talked with a few other couples. It was nice to socialize but it’s always difficult when I’m the only one out of college… le sigh. 

Saturday morning we went to the last Farmers Market of the season for me 😦 

This market is simply outstanding. It wraps around the Capitol Square. Pair it with gorgeous autumn weather and a skinny vanilla latte and I was a happy lady.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing until game time! 

My roommate from senior year was finally home for the weekend so we went there for some football and adult beverages. I miss her already but even though she lives in Chicago we remain {and always will!} close. 

Sunday morning Tyler and I made some breakfast then I met up with my old roommate for coffee before she went back to Chicago. 

Ended the weekend with my longest run/walk full of intervals and incline since my knee injury & some meal prep for the work week. Covered 5.25 miles in 60 minutes. I’ll take it. Just have to work on strengthening my hips again because apparently they’re really weak! 



Another great weekend in the books–now to tackle this week before a FUN filled weekend at home 🙂 

Just took a leap of faith for a potential new job…stay tuned 🙂 


7 thoughts on “The Weekender

  1. carrie

    omg. the old fashion has THEE best cheese curds in all the land! and their little hay stay onion rings! i am salivating thinking about it now!!

  2. olivetorun

    The Farmer’s Market always makes me happy 🙂 We have a year round one here but obviously the options are the best during the summer with all of the fruit they have! 🙂

  3. Emily

    Aw! What a fun weekend! I can’t believe there was a 90 minute wait at that restaurant- it must be amazing! And congratulations on the awesome run!


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