Week{End} In Review

Woo-what a whirlwind of a week & weekend it’s been. It always makes for an incredibly long week (or two) when I know I have drill during the weekend. Work definitely went fast last week since I FINALLY was busy everyday but drill this weekend was brutal. 

The good news is despite that horrible knee injury, I only went down 5 points on my APFT. Did over the maximum for pushups (50) and situps (82)–both in 2 minutes. The run is where I suffered a bit but I know I can get those 100 points and FINALLY max my APFT this spring. 

Anyways. Last week was really rainy and just gloomy. I enjoy the weather-I much rather would have been curled up all week on my couch but sitting in my office wasn’t horrible. 


Because of the weather I think I consumed my body weight in coffee. I was so tired all the time! And I haven’t been sleeping well because of extreme stomach discomfort. (stay tuned: toying with going gluten-free!) 


After a week of hard workouts, briefings, meetings, and all the ‘fun’ adult world things I was so happy Ty snatched some hockey tickets for the Badgers last night. 

Not only did we win, the score was 8-1! Anytime the Badgers score over 5 goals Culvers will give a free scoop of custard to anyone with a ticket to that game. We’re planning on going Wednesday 🙂 

AND there were two fights. One of them was pretty awesome (considering it’s college hockey… their fights are mediocre!) 


I almost felt bad for their goalie because he looked so discouraged each time we scored 🙂 

Well time to get back to some meal prep, writing workouts & getting ready for 5 more days of this 12 day work streak. It’ll be worth it though–fun weekend planned! 

Spoiler alert: Tuesday I’ll be writing about something big and NEW that I’m trying in my fitness journey. So excited! 

How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Week{End} In Review

  1. deangump

    I’m sorry the weather was so crappy, but I’m glad you got to enjoy the hockey game! The fights are always my favorite part…
    My weekend was pretty good,mostly working out and homework so it wasn’t super exciting.

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Couldn’t agree with you MORE!!! The rain drops, and gloominess = all you want to do is wear sweats, drink soup and water a chick flick!!!! Why can’t we just have RAIN DAYS (like snow days) – LOL! In some states, people would NEVER work! I actually would probably work just as much as I do because in LA… It never rains! LOL

  3. Brittany

    I am trying NOT to drink so much coffee, but it’s all I want these days! HA! It doesn’t help that it’s EVERYWHERE I go and and I get free coffee all day at work.


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