All the Football

What a busy weekend… I’m glad I have off work today since it was one of those need a weekend from the weekend sort of mornings. Before I tell ya’ll about the amazing fun weekend I had I want to take a second to thank all Veterans out there–before me, with me & those who will serve eventually. We make daily sacrifices and deal with things that many people will never face & never really understand. I’m proud to be serving with my brothers & sisters. Sure some days are more difficult to deal with but it has, and will continue to teach me not only life lessons, but a lot about myself. God Bless America! 

While I was away at BOLC my mom got a Groupon for Tyler and I to go the Melting Pot. We finally got around to it this Friday. So delicious! We did the four course dining experience. Started with cheddar cheese and all the veggies/bread. Then came salad (and Tyler even ate HALF a caesar salad–which is a huge deal for mr. anti veggies). The meat entree was pre-determined part of the groupon and was AWESOME. Came with chicken, pork, flank steak, and some spinach raviolis. So good. 


After eating all that food we had every intention of going on a run Saturday morning… but my body had different ideas. After 13 days of work straight I just wanted to lay in bed. So we did. No regrets 🙂 

Then it was time for GAMEDAY! This was the first game of the season we got to go to together. And we had so much fun. My best friend and her husband were in town for game so we had a few drinks with them before the game. 



We played BYU and one of Tyler’s roommates had the Book of Mormon. I felt kind of bad taking this picture and being with people yelling “we have BYU’s playbook!!” but all the BYU fans loved it and thought it was hilarious. 


After another Badger win it was time to head to Milwaukee…Tyler and I had a weekend full of football because we were going to the Packers game Sunday. It was definitely sad to know that Aaron wouldn’t be playing because of a fractured collar bone. I don’t get to Packers games often (so expensive!) so was really hoping to watch Aaron my husband play.


As sad as I was I thought that image was pretty funny…and accurate. Regardless, Tyler and I had a ton of fun. It’ll probably be our only game together for a while since next winter he (HOPEFULLY we!!) will be at his first duty assignment. 


Unfortunately we didn’t get to take part in the pre-game Military Appreciation Day festivities because a 40+ min wait at the gate to get in but saw this sweet picture of what they did. 


Luckily we did see the half time show that included the SALUTE THE TROOPS paratroopers with Toby Keith’s “American Soldier”. I was trying not to cry & got the chills. Take pride everyday of what I do. 

Anyways, this post is now real long but it was such a fun-filled football weekend. I am cherishing these weekends with Tyler because once he commissions our destiny is in God’s hands…and the Army’s 😉 

Got a good workout in this morning. Now to meal prep, make playlist, clean & relax.


Tell Me: What was the highlight of your weekend? Any good song recommendations?! 





6 thoughts on “All the Football

  1. carrie

    i spy with my little eye…a delicious spotted cow!! the wisconsin nectar of the gods! i wasn’t at te badger game but i watched it from home and it was a much better game than the packer game on sunday. seeesh that was awful!!

  2. Liz

    Where in Wisconsin do you live? My sister lives in Oconomowoc and I go regularly to see my nephew! Your weekend sounded fun! I love me some Melting Pot! It’s our Christmas Eve date every year since we don’t usually eat at $100 restaurants! SO GOOD though! And you know they bring you extra food if you ask for free? And substitute for free!

    1. kcriemer Post author

      whoa!! I grew up in Oconomowoc and am out there regularly too–my parents are still there. SMALL world. I’m in Middleton now though. Will be for the next year or so.

      I know they said they’d bring extra dippers but we were so stuffed. But will definitely keep that in mind for next time 🙂

      1. Liz

        Yup, we like the strawberries with the dessert part so always ask for no crackers or bananas. It’s so delicious. Maybe one of these days we can go for a run around Oconomowoc together! I’m going in March 🙂 She lives right off the main road that runs into Oconomowoc, right near the lake and they have a little park type thing where they have bands over the summer. Do you know what I’m talking about? Not too far past that downtownish area.

  3. Laura @losingrace

    So exciting you got to try melting pot, I have been a few times. It’s fun but I have found I like doing fondue at home better…nice treat once in a while.

    Awesome time at the Packers game, glad you were able to be there for half time festivities too!


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