Today I Flew

…okay well I did not fly but my pilot friends took me up in a UH-60M (Blackhawk) for a flight. FINALLY. I’ve only been in the unit 18 months, and working full time there since January. But I digress. 

Because the job that I do have as a federal technician employee, I can’t get on a flight manifest usually–difficult to explain but has to deal with insurance purposes and whatnot. But a colonel signed off on it yesterday so I got in the bird and up in the sky today! It was so exhilarating. Really makes me re-think things… if for some reason Tyler and I break up because I can’t move to his duty station with him that very day I will be compiling all my paperwork to go to flight school. {But let’s hope we dont break up!} 

Wisconsin isn’t the most exciting state to see from above (hello cornfields!) but it was still so surreal. The thought that these guys FLY HELICOPTERS for their job is so neat. Really makes my desk job that much worse… 

We flew around the Wollersheim Winery, then did some low fly-overs (, and went out to the Mississippi River and into Minnesota. I posted some photos and videos to my Instagram but here are some of the pictures I snapped too! 







So yes–the desk part of my job sucks. But this opportunity (while getting paid mind you) makes it all worth it. 

If it’s meant to be…someday I’ll be the pilot. 😉

Tell me: What’s the coolest part of your job? Have you been in a helicopter?


5 thoughts on “Today I Flew

  1. Liz

    I flew on a Blackhawk from Tikrit to Baghdad and it was awesome. We flew for about 3 hours and landed in a few different places, but it was so awesome to see Iraq from above! There were so many trees closer to Baghdad and everything in Tikrit was BROWN! I would have loved to have been a flight medic, but it just never worked out that way!

    1. kcriemer Post author

      I was itching to put in my packet and go through the process to go to flight school before–now I’m dying to! If I could do things differently I would probably enlist and go flight medic route too. Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose 🙂


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