So Long Mondaze.


Usually Mondays Mondaze are so difficult for me. I’m grumpy and sluggish. Just wishing I was still enjoying my weekend with Tyler and nailing some good workouts. Mondays usually equal 3+ cups of coffee & today I scaled down to 2… progress 😉

But today was so much better than any other Monday! 


Once I finally drug my booty out of my amazing comfortable cloud bed I started off the day with a Holiday Shred tabata workout with some 400s! The fabulous NHerShoes is hosting a Holiday Shred this year and I made sure to get on board. Couldn’t pass up 6 weeks of healthy eating and workout recommendations from that gorgeous momma! Bobbi certainly knows what she is doing and switches it up–which is something I love and need.
Image{I’m going to pretend those thunder thighs are half the size!}


Work also went really quick because the massive mound of work I had (by work I mean countless e-mails and powerpoint preparation….boring)!  

But after work is where it got good. Usually after work I want to sit around and relax for 45 minutes or so then hit the gym. But the WOD today at my CrossFit box was one I wanted to get to…and they have a 5pm class. So I quickly changed out of my ACUs, threw on my knee brace & clothes & hit the gym. And 3 hours later I’m still riding the workout high. This is the first time I have sat down since. 

Today’s WOD: 

10 rounds AFAP: 


6 over head squat (scaled to 20kg to work on snatch form) 
8 ball slams (15#) 
10 hand release push-ups 
Time: 14:02

There’s something about mixing the strength with the cardio, the non-stop sweat, the grunting & the motivation from others at the box that really has me LOVING CrossFit. 

I had a workout high like I’ve never had and I came back and made an amazing dinner. Roasted nuts for a clean treat for the week. And just about to make my favorite pre-workout snack before relaxing with the feet up, hot tea & Hostages ( 


Finally realizing how crucial fueling my body with NOURISHING foods really is.



And because how else would a Monday night end other than watching this hottie on TV: 


{Sweet Jesus there’s something sexy about a bad guy… especially when it’s Dylan McDermott. Swoon} 

Tell Me: What’s your favorite clean treat? 

Go make those muffins I linked to Lindsay’s blog. Taste like Thanksgiving. In one muffin. 







5 thoughts on “So Long Mondaze.

  1. Liz

    I haven’t had a workout high in so long! I’m considering going back to CrossFit 1x/wk if I can find a gym that will cut me a deal for it. I want to have time to run too, and I don’t want to run/do CrossFit ALL the time! I do definitely think that when you feel like you’re doing healthy things, you crave healthier food!

    1. kcriemer Post author

      Ask for military discounts if you are still in? Mine cut my a huge deal.

      I’m the opposite though. I rarely want to run anymore. I tried this morning and it lasted 15 min before I was bored to death!

      1. Liz

        I actually got out yesterday! I didn’t even realize it till just now, either! I think I go through phases of what I enjoy doing with working out. I think CrossFit was so great because there were so many other people there to keep you motivated, and I actually looked forward to the social part of it too so it was easier to motivate myself. But some people are just so motivated to stick to one thing and become really great at it, and I feel like I’m more of that person that likes a little of everything and is sort of good at it, but isn’t great at anything. At least I’m fairly active though, right?! That’s all that matters!

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