Workout Wednesday

It’s no secret that I have an addiction to my gym sessions. At times it’s been unhealthy where I beat myself up if I didn’t make it to the gym, or restrict calories that day. Lately I’ve been getting out my frustration/sadness/hurt with Crossfit. It truly has been helping and I leave the box in a great mood–exhausted, yet rejuvenated. And there’s some real fun people at the 5:30 am WOD.

That being said…. I do need to be careful to not take it too far. I still need to remember how critical REST is in training. So tomorrow, I shall rest. I have not taken a day off since last Friday and my body is yelling screaming at me. 

This week has been brutal at the box. And I’ve loved it. So without further adieu. 

Partner WOD at Crossfit Ancile with a really great friend (and holy shit is there eye candy at her box..!) 
2 rounds: 8 min AMRAP: 20 pull ups, 30 dead lifts, 40 burpees, 50 wall balls, 4 min AMRAP: ground to overhead (clean–> push press)

40min stairmill & I worked on back squat technique & kipping pull-ups


5×3 up to heavy deadlift (went to 95kg, still working on form) on the 2 min 
Finisher: DIANE: 21-15-9 deadlift/HSPU (mod: incline pushups) 


my ass is FINALLY growing!

pistol progressions & rope climbing 
WOD: 3k row (12:22) I beat some girls training for The Games! The coach asked me if I had any plans of ever training/competing in the games. And it made me think–MAYBE someday (2015? 2016?)

I need a big dream to work towards. DREAM BIG right?

snatch sequence 
WOD: 5 RFT: 5 snatch (25kg), 10 kipping pull-ups, 20 ball slams (7kg) 17:20. 


survived my first hand rip from kipping pull ups. but stringing them together better!

I thought I was going to die after tonight’s WOD which is why I’m listening to my body and taking a rest day (I will do a slow run on the TM) regardless of how great the workout is tomorrow. 

I’m a little irritated as I’ve gained 4 pounds and am tipping scale at my heaviest. I know deep down it’s muscle but it’s hard to ignore that number. I was a girl who hopped on the scale every single time I walked into the bathroom. I really should get rid of it.

I plan on fully immersing myself–the gym is my new boyfriend =) 


Time to get under the heated blanket and read Divergent. I am addicted.

Tell me: Do you listen to your body all the time when it tells you to rest? How do you know when you’re overdoing it?



2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Kaylie @ FitnessMovesYou

    I do the same thing! I have been gaining muscle (and loosing fat-yeay) and that stupid number in the scale makes me crazy! I feel heavier but everyone says I look great… stupid scale. Don’t listen to the 4 lb gain- you look amazing!!!

  2. Brittany

    Girrrrlll you are looking GOOD!! I have become so obsessed with the gym too, I find that I NEED it. I try to listen to my body and take a day here and there to do something calm like a walk, but I find for my overall well being I need the gym. It helps when I feel down 🙂


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