Workout Wednesday #2

If I were to go and re-cap all the workouts I’ve done since I last did a WW, this would be a novel for ya’ll to read because I lack consistency with blogging, but am working on getting better!

Instead I’ll share some of the brutal workouts I’ve done lately…my body is so ready for the weekend of rest coming up. 

January 10th: JACKIE. 
1000m row 
50 thrusters (15k) 
30 pullups 
Time: 10:02

January 14th: THE WORST WOD I’VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE. I will title it “quad burner” 
5 RFT: 
500m row
50 air squats 
50 prisoner lunges (25/leg) 
5 pull-ups (I did banded)
Time: 33:30 … Missed my goal of sub 30 but know to pace myself better for those longer WODs now. 
This was just so tough because how long it took & the pure destruction it does on the quads. Ow. It’s one of those one’s that have you wincing going up a single flight of stairs the next day.  


January 15th:
Skill–handstand walks
WOD: 6×3 up to as heavy as possible of deadlifts and plate pushups (105k/25k) 
Finisher: 100 full sit-ups, 50 ball slams (6.75k), 25 toes to bar
Finisher Time: 6:35


I know you’re probably all thinking “crossfit, blah blah blah” but I cannot give it enough praise as to what it’s doing for me. And for my confidence which is something I’ve been severely lacking. 

After 10+ years of strict weight lifting this is what my body has needed to make progress. 

Am I annoyed as all hell that the scale isn’t reflecting my hard work? You bet. 
But the scale also doesn’t measure mass, muscle, or confidence. And that’s all more important than a stupid number anyways! 


I’m finally back on my wine grind, so it’s time to pour a glass of cab, kick the feet up and relax. 2 weeks I went without it but I missed it. I sound like an alcoholic… 

How have your workouts been lately? What do you do for muscle soreness?


2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday #2

  1. Claire

    I know how you feel. I feel like anytime someone is dedicated to one specific exercise, all anyone wants to talk about is how it’s “so not good for you” or how it has a “cult-like” following. I hear that about hot yoga all the time and I know lots of people think the same about CrossFit. My thoughts? Who cares if you look good and you’re happy! Cheers to wine lady! ❤


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