Virtual Coffee Date #3

Happy Sunday ya’ll! 

Sundays are my favorite days–especially when I have Monday off too. And there’s good football on tonight (Russell Wilson–swoooon) so this all makes for one happy little lady over here. 

Go grab your coffee/tea and sit back for my favorite ‘coffee date’! 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that I’ve been cleaning my apartment like a mad lady today. I finally am taking a short little break to get to the blog here, but soon I’ll be back to vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing. Just call me Cinderella, without the date tonight 😉 


If we were having coffee right now… Speaking of date, I got to get dressed up and be taken out for dinner and drinks last night. It was fun–I forgot how nice it can be to feel like a lady and get treated like one too. Who knows what will happen now, but it was a great start! 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that I’m actually getting my gear together and starting to incorporate running into my training again. I have my Record APFT coming up in April for the Army and I want to get that 300 (perfect score!) that I’ve been just missing for over two years now. 

300 PT score: 46 push-ups (in 2 min) — 80 sit-ups (in 2 min) — 2 mile run in 15:36

If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you how much happier I’ve been feeling lately. Focusing on ME and what I want and deserve has been wonderful. I’ve realized that my job is actually a great place for me at the moment, I’m moving this spring (still in WI –this city has become my home!), and I know that things can only keep going up. {{New beginnings come from some other beginning’s end}}


If we were having coffee right now… I’d ask you how your weekend was? Any big plans coming up?


5 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date #3

  1. Britta

    Oh I love the “if we were having coffee right now” <— so cute!! Eeek, I love going on dates, when they are good of course, and feeling like a lady! A guy like that is hard to come by these days.. also, doesn't the world seem like a happier place when you are completely smitten or like someone?!

    I am sure you are going to ROCK that test!


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