I feel like a broken record when I say this but damn can this cold weather please go away?! It’s horrendous–a huge gust of wind woke me out of a deep sleep at 1:30 AM. I thought my whole porch was going to blow off the side of the building. 

…not to mention the Crossfit gym keeps closing because the extreme cold weather. The couple who owns the box live in the boonies and had a 3ft snow drift outside their door this morning. Florida & visiting a beautiful lady named Claire is calling my name. 

I digress. I made tonight productive despite a bitter mood with mother nature. 

My new gym bag came and I plan on doing a review this week after I get a few uses out of it. I think I’m going to love it–perfect size and a separate compartment for my smelly Reebok Nano’s. 

After my workout I took a nice bubble bath with a cold beer. All you people who can’t buy Leinenkugel’s where you live, I feel bad for you. The winter seasonal is to.die.for. 


I’m really struggling to get through Insurgent. Divergent was cant-stop-turning-pages good… but this one has been much slower moving for me. Still good, but not great. 

My apartment currently smells like maple syrup, cinnamon, and chocolate because I just made this (what looks to be) decadent sweet potato pizza. 


Other than that I’m just spending my night under my heated blanket working on studying some Personal Trainer materials. I really need to get my act together and keep moving along with the studying. 

Completely random side note–most of you know I was an avid competitive swimmer growing up. I was being recruited by West Point to swim but had had enough after 13 years non-stop. Turns out one of the guys at my crossfit gym creates programs for people 3x/week. I’m seriously considering getting my booty back on the pool. I was a babe and would KILL to have the body I had then. Stay tuned 😉 

What’s the temperature like by you? What’s a recipe you can’t get enough of? Good book recommendations?


❤ KC


P.S. Date went well last night, time will tell if there’s a second one! 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. carrie

    the temperature by me is a lot like the temperature by you. haha and i agree i’m slowly making peace with winter, but these temps are not winter. they are the arctic wrath of doom! ps- love that you’re a lienie’s girl. mahhh favorite!!!!


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