Virtual Coffee Date #5

Time sure slipped right out of my hands this past week. I was swamped at work, overwhelmed & at end of day I just wanted to hangout and watch Netflix. So that’s what I did. Without further adieu.. grab your coffee/tea and let chat! 🙂



If we were having coffee right now I would give you all big hugs. You have been so supportive, offering your kind advice and warm thoughts to me. You’ll be glad to know that I’m doing wonderful and am happier than I’ve been in years.

If we were having coffee right now I’d tell you that my post-college life is so different than when I was in school. I went out Friday night with my friend before she leaves for Germany and let me just tell you until 8pm last night I thought I was dying. Needless to say nothing productive got accomplished. Except texting with Claire who was also hungover. Misery has company! ❤


If we were having coffee right now I’d ask for advice on how to self-study for my ACE Personal Trainer test. I have zero motivation to get it done on the weekends. And time is ticking. Sigh.

If we were having coffee right now I would ask for any advice. No matter how clean I eat or how much I workout, I keep gaining weight. I know, I know the scale is just a number. But I’m way “overweight” and it’s such an inner struggle trying to combat the ‘you’re fat’ with the ‘you’re fine. you’re strong and capable’.

If we were having coffee right now I would share some very exciting new news and installments in my life. Definitely didn’t see any of this coming… but very excited to see what all comes of it.


If we were having coffee right now I’d ask you to share something wonderful that has happened to you lately! 

How was your weekend?



5 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date #5

  1. carrie

    if we were having coffee right now i’d tell you that i am super pumped for valentines day….but only for the candy at walgreens to go on sale the day after. haha 🙂

  2. Brittany

    I am in the sammmeee boat of gaining weight and being like WTF staaappittt I am eating well and working outt!! I have to laugh at this point because nothing is working ha. Can’t wait to hear more about your new…stuff..since I kinda sorta already know a bit! 😉

    1. kcriemer Post author

      haha oh you need to hush-you look fantastic!!!
      i think i know what my next approach is, means more gym time but that’s okay because it’s my happy place.

      the new “stuff” is great. last night went spectacularly(?) but still not getting hopes up.

  3. Britta

    I have gained some weight too.. I wish I could say I’ve been working out as much as I used to and eating really well butttttt yeah, thats a lie. I know exactly why I’ve gained weight. But you know, it just means there is just more of us to love!

    But all kidding aside, it’s frustrating when you’re putting in the effort and not seeing results. Sometimes it’s hard to know just how much fuel your body needs, and I mean really – how much is too much? One thing that always works for me (and I need to get back doing this) is not eating things that come in a wrapper. Even if it qualifies as “clean eats” <— protein bars included. I try to make smoothies or my own bars at home and take them with me so they are ready after a workout. I'm sure you are eating super well already so that's just a little tidbit that works for me. As well as removing gluten. AND, on top of that.. staying balanced. If I want that brownie one day of the week I will have it because otherwise I will eat other things instead to try and satisfy my craving and end up eating way more to begin with. Shoulda had the brownie from the get-go!

    So that was a novel. Sorry – and eeeeek! So excited to hear about your "new news" – I think I have a fairly good idea what it may be. 🙂


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