Random Rambles

After all the poor things I’ve been handed the past few months–it was all worth it. I’m telling you ya’ll, be patient and good things WILL happen. 

God won’t hand you anything you can’t handle. 


So many things I want to share, but I have word vomit happening. So here’s the big items: 

*I became a big girl and bought my first real adult thing…. a couch. 


*while we’re on the shopping front.. I also invested in my first DSLR. my friends wife just bought the nikon d5200 so sold me the d5100 with an extra lens, external flash & 5 UV filters for $450. STEAL. 


*work has been super busy… like non-stop e-mails, phone calls, meetings. which means this week has flown by. 

*i found out I can get out of my lease for much cheaper than I anticipated! So tomorrow I call the 5 apartments I have narrowed it down to and see who has availabilities come May 1. Time to move and get a better place! 

*i cannot stop listening to the most raunchy song ever. You won’t regret it.

*last but not least–tomorrow night I’m going to the hockey game! i listened to all your advice in my last post & couldn’t be happier. let’s hope it goes well 🙂

*need your advice: i save all my bottle caps… should I make a coffee table with all the bottle caps on tops or this: 


Okay I’m done with all my random thoughts.. see you this weekend! 

Anything fun to share from this week? Any big weekend plans? 

Hockey game date friday night, getting coffee with a girlfriend saturday morning, picking up couch & going to my friends house who is a photographer to learn to use my new baby! 


3 thoughts on “Random Rambles

  1. Laura @losingrace

    Have fun with your hockey date!!! Yay for new couches and cameras, give you plenty to keep you occupied this weekend! That is exciting you can get out of your lease easily too, where will you be looking for new places?

  2. carrie

    i posted about that somo song a few weeks ago and i almost felt bad posting about it because it is sooooooo dirty and music like that (usually) disgust me, but i am in loveeeeee with that song. his voice and the beat it like mesmerizes me. plus ummm as you can see from the music video he is not bad to look at…like AT ALL,


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