All the Random Rambles

I have been so go-go-go lately that I have had zero energy to get a coherent post out. Today is no different so brace yourself for all the rambles and tangents imaginable. 

Work has been pretty busy. A new program that pertains to about 90% of my job just launched so it’s been quite the task figuring out how the system works and then figuring out how to get the 60 Officers in the Battalion to understand how it works. Change is always difficult but it’s given me a lot to work on which in turn makes the time at work go quicker! 

Colorado ya’ll. I leave in 11 days. Not like I’m counting or anything 😉 Two days of skiing, a day of hiking, two days of relaxing and 6 paid days of vacation. Hellll yeah. After having drill 3 times in 5 weeks I need this vacation badly. 


We will be skiing Loveland and staying in Evergreen. I am so excited to take my new baby (the DSLR) and get some pretty pictures and play with it. 

On that note, I have two other mini-vacays coming up too! A friend of mine is deploying in May so I’m flying out to Ft Bliss, TX for a short weekend trip to see him before he leaves country. Then in June I’m flying to Kansas to see my BEST friend Jessie. I set her and her husband up and now they’re stationed down there. SO much fun stuff to look forward to. 


Crossfit has been going well. Also using Krissy’s ( workouts as well. Ya’ll need to go check her out for real. Last week I was sent a training plan that was all German Volume Training and I did the first workout today. Holy hell I am already sore. Such a good burner. I highly recommend everyone check her site out but at minimum look into German Volume Training to get some lean mass going. Boom! 


The Badgers did cause some excitement in my life! The tournament was awesome this year and Saturday night was a heartbreaking loss for Badger nation. Ya’ll can say I’m biased but Wisco really deserved the W over Kentucky. 



Otherwise there hasn’t been too much new and excitement going on. Still trying to get into that apartment I’m loving and I’m as single as they come.. and really ready for spring and summer weather. 

Tell me: What’s your favorite exercise? Any big travel plans? 


2 thoughts on “All the Random Rambles

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    Work sounds so hectic for you right now! I hope it calms down for you soon. I totally know what you mean about time going by so much faster when you’re constantly busy, I just hate the added stress that comes along with it. Glad you’ll be off on vacation (!!) soon, though! I’m totally jealous and am excited to see the pictures you get with the DSLR :).


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