Friday Fun

The weekend is finally here and I cannot say that I haven’t earned this one. My 12 days on/2 days off schedule for the past 6 weeks is finally over! As soon as I hit publish on this one I’m going to go open a cold one and relax.

This week has been quite a good one despite being burnt out to all hell. Got in solid workouts, some social outings (gasp!), and big news. Here’s a little recap on all fronts! 

Been busting my ass in the gym. Dear lord am I sore non-stop. We’re talking about delayed DOMS two or three days after the fact. But it’s that hurt so good sort of sore. And it’s working.


Hey traps–fancy meeting you there 😉 


Now if I could just trim down that tummy and those damn love handles a little more… goals! 

Between Crossfit and my own lifting schedule come this morning though I was a bit burnt out. It was another WOD where I was mentally defeated and the coach kept telling me “Get back on the damn bar, Karla!” 

3 RFT:  
6 thrusters (35k)
12 power cleans (35k)
24 pull-ups (i did banded today, no way was I stringing solid sets together) 
48m plate push (15k) 

I wanted to die. There’s not many workouts where I tell myself I cannot physically do this anymore but today was that day. So this relaxing afternoon has been a nice treat to myself. 

We had a bit of a traumatic experience at work yesterday. Without going into details I will just say that we were on complete lockdown for an imminent active shooter threat. Needless to say I needed puppy therapy and I got just that during lunch. 


Speaking of work–my promotion FINALLY came through. It only took 5 months–but that backpay check will be nice. I went out to celebrate last night with a friend and found an amazing new wine bar. I think it’s safe to say I’ll frequent there a lot. 


So clearly my life is workout, work, workout, eat, drink (wine) sleep & repeat. Boss let us leave at 1300–1pm for you non military folk! 😉 so I spent the afternoon on my balcony studying and drinking iced coffee. Spring is finally here. 


Time for some more fun with girlfriends tonight and heading home tomorrow! Life is good, so good. 

What are your weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    So glad you’re going to have some time to yourself! You’re waaayy too busy and definitely deserve to relax. Looking great! Those workouts are really paying off!

    My weekend plans include studying, freelance work, the gym, and recipe creation for the blog! Hopefully I can fit everything in 🙂

  2. carrie

    oh my goodness! i am so glad to hear you are ok and nothing came of the threat at work! that is so scary! other than that it looks like you are completely killing it in every other area of your life. atta girl! 🙂 ps- come to mke for a brewer game! we can drink beer together!

    1. kcriemer Post author

      not gonna lie it was pretty scary but luckily the guy never even made it onto the premises. thank God!

      I fully agree with that statement. as soon as were guaranteed better weather let’s plan something! they’re killing it so far too 😀


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