The C Word

I remember the very first time I went to Crossfit back in October… I was so nervous. I don’t do well in new situations. I get a bit of social anxiety.

“Will everyone be powerhouses who can do a sub 4 minute Fran? Will I be the ‘new girl’ who no one talks to?”

Luckily none of that was the case. What I didn’t know going into it though is that at my box, the 4 letter C word is illegal. (not that C-word ya’ll…) 


What a powerful word. I never really thought about the magnitude of that word until I was told that if you get caught saying the ‘C word’ you owe 10 burpees. Doesn’t matter if it’s mid WOD, after the WOD, or during the warm-up. You drop then and there. Yes, I found this out the hard way on day #1. 

The moral behind this post is more than just how to C word is prohibited at my box. It’s what I’ve learned about saying “I can’t‘ in the past 6 months. By saying you can’t you’re letting yourself fail before you even make an attempt.


Your mind is so much stronger than your body.  Unfortunately it doesn’t just have to be a verbal ‘cant’…. I have realized that the times you tell yourself in your mind you ‘cant’ do something it’s just as hindering as verbalizing it. Because when I think to myself that I can’t do something.. it is expressed in my demeanor. The past few weeks I’ve had Keysha (the A(M) team coach) tell me “Karla, get out of your damn head and get back on the bar”. 


Everyone at my box is confident in my abilities…except for me. Hell if I’m push pressing 56 kilos I should be able to do some damn pull-ups. But I look up at that bar and say “I can’t do it”. Well not anymore. Now when I catch myself thinking the C-word, I’m dropping and doing those damn burpees. I will no longer be my own limiting factor. I CAN do these things, and I WILL do these things. 

Do yourself a huge favor–erase cant from your dictionary. 



4 thoughts on “The C Word

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    GREAT post! There’s so much power in words and we can change the way we think simply by refusing to use some. I’m going to take this to heart and get the “C” word out of my internal dictionary. Thanks for the reminder, love! 🙂

  2. Britta

    OH DID I EVER NEED THIS!! So true, your body is so much more capable than you think and only YOU think you can’t do something.. its crazy!! Thank you for sharing this, just what I needed!


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