Crazy Beautiful Life

What a whirlwind of a past few weeks it’s been-and it’s about to get even more crazy in the next two months. Which I’ll get to eventually. And I will write about my trip to Colorado eventually too 😉 


Ya’ll remember when I went through a horrible breakup on Christmas right? Yeah… that happened in case you weren’t aware. At the time I was devastated. I thought I was going to move to his duty station and start a life with him. Then BAM! the “I want to do my own thing, you can stay back in Wisconsin and we’ll try to make it work” conversation happened. Needless to say, I was not going to be there at someone else’s convenience–I deserve(d) more than that. I was heart broken, shocked, and depressed. 

After a couple weeks of normal moping around I put myself back out there to meet new people and not sit with a bottle of Cabarnet daily. At times some of the guys I ‘dated’ were promising but there was always something not right and I saw nothing going anywhere other than dinner and drinks a few times. Little did I know I had something great right under my nose… (stay tuned..) 

Since graduation I have waited to figure out what I wanted to do with my life (career, going back to school, etc.) until I was going to move with Tyler. I expected things to just happen flawlessly so when things crumbled down I was so unprepared. The beginning of 2014 was incredibly difficult for me. Here I was in a city I wasn’t sure I wanted to live in anymore but stayed to be closer to Tyler, all my friends had moved, working an unfulfilling job. But once I picked myself up and began working for the things I want and deserve, things have just continued to fall into place for me: 

-After 23 years of living in the great North, I picked up skiing and was blessed to join a close family for their vacation to Colorado. Put my new skis and DSLR to work. 



-Finally found a new BEAUTIFUL apartment and a roommate to live with… I’m going to need some support and company the next ten months (again, stay tuned). And the kitchen, I see myself making lots of delicious meals in here. 


That being said.. I have 6 weeks to pack, clean and relocate to the other side of town. All while having 3 of those weekends booked. It’s about to get real hectic but it’s so worth it. Finally a NICE apartment on the side of town I want to live on. New crossfit gym, new neighborhood…so much new and I’m so excited! 🙂 


-I enrolled for my ACE personal trainer exam not knowing all this change and business was coming. But if I pulled off late nights studying in college I sure can do it now. Just have to up that caffeine intake. 😉 



-Starting in June I will be transferring National Guard units as well. I don’t think I’ve ever set myself up for so much change within the same two months. But it’s the best for my Army career and I still will be working full time for the unit I’m currently in. 




Moral of the story… even when you think things are the worst and they won’t get better–pick your pretty face up and keep on trucking along. Good things happen to those who deserve AND work for it. Things can turn around so quickly-I went from miserable/depressed/lonely to happy/passionate/driven within 3 months time. The only thing missing in my life right now is a job I’m more passionate about, but that’ll come in due time too. 


I promise that even through the craziness I’m going to post about Colorado and about the biggest change that I’ve had handed to me… stay tuned. ❤







7 thoughts on “Crazy Beautiful Life

  1. Britta

    Oh this post is amazing and I am SO HAPPY for you!! I feel like the universe always brings amazing things into people’s life when they change their outlook. Your new apartment looks beautiful and I can’t wait for updates over these next (crazy busy!) months for you – you deserve all of this! ❤

    1. kcriemer Post author

      Thank you gorgeous! It’s so crazy how two months ago I had no idea this was in the works. And I couldn’t be happier for all the adventures I’m about to embark on! ❤

    2. kcriemer Post author

      Thank you gorgeous! It’s so crazy how two months ago I had no idea this was in the works. And I couldn’t be happier for all the adventures I’m about to embark on! <4

  2. Brittany

    Things ALWAYS happen for a reason. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this…you are thriving my friend, and I love your attitude towards everything you’ve gone through this year. You handled everything so well! I cannot wait to read more about your new adventures and news!

    1. kcriemer Post author

      Thanks brittany! It’s been a wild ride but everything has been worth it. I’ll have more to share after I fly down to texas this weekend ❤


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