Beauty in the Darkness

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 7.32.25 PM

photo 1As I’ve mentioned before, there are good times and bad times throughout this deployment. This past weekend was incredibly challenging for me.

I’ve spread myself pretty thin the past month—moving, not sleeping well (can count nights I’ve slept through since March on one hand..), moving, CrossFit 5 times a week, and Annual Training right around the corner. I think this past weekend was the straw that broke the camel’s back and led into an anxiety breakdown. But I got it out of my system so we’re moving forward 🙂 

Last night I was laying in bed during the storm watching The Princess Bride, one of J’s favorite movies that he recommended I watch. In my peripherals I could see a vibrant orange sky, which was really weird since the storms were outrageous {again…} yesterday. Kind of made me freak out a little bit. It was nothing I had ever seen before.

I ran to the balcony to have a completely breath taking view hit me. I have never ever seen a sky like this during a thunderstorm. It was like a sign from God, that I so desperately needed.

Yes, there are hard days, and unfortunately I’ve had quite a few of them lately. But just like the sun shines through the storms, the good days always outshine the bad ones.
Each day, be it good or bad, will be worth it when he’s home. God reminded me this in the sky last night.

photo 5



One thought on “Beauty in the Darkness

  1. deangump

    It’s so true! Even though the bad days are in fact bad, when those good ones come they make up for it! And creeping on an earlier post, Crossfit in the morning is what gets be out of bed! Haha I usually lie in bed for a few minutes when my alarm goes off because I don’t want to get up, but once I get there with everyone and do the WOD, my day feels so much better!


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