Hi Everyone!

My name is Karla, a twenty-something year old born and raised in Wisconsin. Welcome to my {new} blog, Finding My Fit!

I sporadically used to post over at My High On Life but never could find my niche there—just kind of went through the motions posting when I felt I had something to say. Now that I’ve gotten settled with post-graduate {chaotic} life and am even more interested in healthy living blogs I’m back and ready to stick around this time.

This blog will be centered around my journey to my version of fitness and what works best for me but also on how I’m ‘finding my fit’ in the world at large. At 23 years old it’s hard to know exactly what I’m meant to do and what I want to do (and find a balance between the two!) so I intend for my blog to be an outlet in helping me along the journey to Finding My Fit in the gym, my career in the Army, and in life 🙂

Things you’ll see here frequently: workouts (Crossfit centered!), my journey to become a Personal Trainer, recipes, daily musings & discussions on military/long-distance relationships.

As you all know my other half is currently serving our country overseas in the Middle East. It’s a challenge no doubt, but each day away is a day closer to his return. It’ll all be worth it. It’s not easy and not for the weak at heart…

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you stick around!

xo, KC


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