Army Life

Deployment Bucket List (May 14-February 15)::

*Deadlift 300#
*Finish and pass Certified Personal Trainer Exam
*300 on MY APFT
*run a race (maybe a half again?!)
*bartending license
*weekend in Chicago
*ski weekend getaway at Devil’s Head
*Get bank acct to $_k.




My Army Story:

Growing up as a competitive swimmer I’ve always loved being part of a team—something bigger than myself.

When I decided to hang it up when I went to college I found myself missing the camaraderie that swimming gave me and within a few months I was participating in the Army ROTC program.

Second semester my sophomore year I finally accepted a scholarship, enlisted in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and would be in the ROTC program until I graduated and accepted my commission as an Army Officer.

Since graduation in May of 2012, I have been a Chemical Officer at an Aviation Battalion. I also work there full-time as the Human Resources Officer (S1 for you military folk!)

It’s always challenging knowing I can’t plan my life as much as I’d like to–but it provides me with challenges everyday and has introduced me to so many outstanding and lifelong friends (including my boyfriend!)

Will I get a chance to deploy? Who knows. But either way I will take pride in supporting something bigger than me and making sacrifices for our country.


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