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It’s something most of us, myself included, really fear.

Just when I think I have a plan in place and am ready to move forward, a wrench is thrown right in the mix. Everyday I’m figuring out how to adapt to a new situation or possibility.

Rewind to January. I wanted to share some big news with you all (no I’m not engaged or pregnant!) for a while but I wanted to wait until it was certain. And I’m glad I waited.

Back in January J and I had an opportunity to rent a nice house for a very affordable price. On the surface everything sounded great. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fenced in yard so we could finally get a dog, centrally located with our families, barn with weights… the problem is it was 90 minutes away from where I’m currently working and in an isolated small town.

I was going to take another huge leap of faith– I was ready to quit my job and find something that made the bills in the area. We decided to take the chance and follow through with it. My ‘D-Day’ to put my two weeks in was March 16. I was incredibly anxious about the entire situation, but also really excited.  This was a fresh new start for J and I–one we really deserved after starting the relationship with a deployment and now reintegrating everything.

On March 2, two days after we paid 2 months of rent, we found out that J also got a job in Madison. The house was still an option, but by no means the right option. A daily 3 hour commute just wasn’t worth it.

While we are currently out approximately $2k, J and I have rented a condo in Madison, I just accepted a new position (!!!!) Monday, and everything really worked out for the best.

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It was certainly a learning experience. I let my anxiety get the worst of me a handful of times the past couple weeks. There was tears, swearing, screaming..J calms me down but I need to learn to deal with change independently because no matter how planned out something is, it can change so quickly. Not always will it work out this wonderfully, but without trying, I never would have known.

Embrace change.
Learn to love change.
Complacency breeds mediocrity.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Hollie

    I cannot imagine how hard that must have been. Change is def something I struggle with at first. I don’t mind the change but getting there is the hardest part. I can relate to the anxiety and have let mine get the best of me several times lately as well. I hope everything turns around for the better!


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