20 min tFinally starting to share my workouts… if you don’t like CrossFit go away 😉
No but really, I’m doing this to keep myself accountable but also to track my progress.

July 8, 2014
5 RFT:
*8 deadlifts (165#)
*15 push-ups
*8 ring rows
*100m farmers carry (35# KBs)
crushed this workout, felt incredibly strong and maintained a positive mindset!

July 9, 2014
Skill: 3×5 back squat (135#) with max push-ups between sets
15 min AMRAP:
*7 OHS (85#) <– this was brutal and why I went so slowly through this AMRAP. OHS take a lot of focus, control, and correct breathing for me
*15 T2B
*21 DU
Score: 4 rounds + 15 reps
OHS and T2B are two of my weaknesses; while it was good to work them I feel defeated; they’re truly humbling exercises for me. But must keep working that OHS for the competition in August. My team depends on me! 😉

July 28, 2014
20 min time cap:
*7 bear complex-95#
*21 slam balls-20#
*21 DL-95#
*21 pull ups
*21 T2B
*21 burpees
*21 KBS
*21 push ups
*21 sit ups
*21 power cleans-95#
TimeL 19:37 Rx
This WOD was tough after 2.5 weeks away from gym for Annual training. But a good way to come back I suppose.

July 29, 2014
*slam balls-25#
*double unders
*200m run
time: 9:51 Rx
Another tough one but good to get back into the groove. Spent 15 min working on ring dips and I’m getting real close to stringing some kipping ring dips together! 😀


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