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The Perfect Getaway

Ever since J got back mid-December our weekends have been packed with visiting friends and family. Yes, we had some ‘us’ time but it was sandwiched between busy schedules and traveling. What better time to get away than Valentine’s Day?
Every Wisconsinite knows the beauty that is Door County, WI, particularly in the summer and early fall months. For all you non-Wisconsinites…Door County is the peninsula of Wisconsin, from Sturgeon Bay all the way up to Washington Island more or less. The thing many tourists don’t know is the hidden treasure that Door County is in the winter months.  The small, quaint towns more or less shut down during the winter months. But I’ll have you know the wineries stay open 😉 The views are impeccable, sunsets are still gorgeous when setting over a frozen blustery Lake Michigan. The resort we stayed at had an harbor facing balcony, full kitchen, fireplace, and Jacuzzi tub. It was perfect and affordable considering all the amenities we got with the room.
The Town Hall of quaint little Ephraim, WI

The Town Hall of quaint little Ephraim, WI

Friday we got up Ephraim, WI around 3pm and decided to go out for a nice Valentine’s Day dinner. J took us to a steakhouse up the street where I got an amazing 5 course meal: Cabarnet, Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Cocktail, House Salad, Gorgonzola Tenderloin (to.die.for) and carrot cake to go!
Not going to lie, knowing that most shops close down during the winter months I was hesitant as to the quality of this steakhouse but it sure surprised me! And the atmosphere was outstanding. Low lighting and couples on all walks of life enjoying dinner as well.
Saturday was the main ‘attraction’ of the Winter Wonderland package I purchased for this get away. At 9am we drove 30 minutes and hopped on a trolley! The trolley took us to 3 wineries, an Inn for lunch, and was supposed to take us to a sleigh ride as well. Being that it was 1 degree and 30mph wind gusts, the sleigh ride was cancelled. Instead we were taken to a log cabin den for a drink on the trolley company! Nothing better than spending your Valentine’s Day day-drinking at local wineries ❤ I may have scored quite a few bottles of Door County wine, some amazing olive oils, and two Master Cheese Crafted cheeses—only in Wisconsin I tell ya do we have master cheese crafters..
The Goods!

The Goods!

On our way back to our resort we drove through the Peninsula State Park for me to snap some pics with my DSLR.
DSC_0760 DSC_0775 DSC_0771

That is NOT fog.. that is snow blowing off the harbor in the 30 mph gusts. So. Cold.

That is NOT fog.. that is snow blowing off the harbor in the 30 mph gusts. So. Cold.

Saturday night we did a whole lot of nothing-which was the purpose of our getaway. I schooled him in multiple games of Yahtzee and a game of monopoly, we’re talking I won 7 of the 9 games we played of Yahtzee. We cooked up some turkey and spaghetti and just relaxed.
No TV. No distractions. Just us.
We decided we wanted to stay an extra day since I had off Monday for President’s Day. After sleeping in until 9, all we did was veg out. J ran to the store to get some whiskey and made an amazing breakfast. Around 4pm I finally changed into some warm clothes and went exploring to take some more pictures. Other than that I spent an hour in the Jacuzzi eating cheese, crackers and wine. Not a bad day 🙂
I'd be embarassed to admit how many attempts it took me to capture this hipster [artsy fartsy] photo.

I’d be embarassed to admit how many attempts it took me to capture this hipster [artsy fartsy] photo.

Leaving Monday morning was definitely difficult. After the serenity and peacefulness I was dreading going back to work. But only a few more weeks left and then some big big changes are coming. Stay tuned!
 Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 7.53.39 PM

Virtual Coffee Date #7


It’s that time again.. another week has come and gone. Being that it’s Sunday evening as I write this I’m enjoying some wine (definitely more than one glass type of night..) but grab some coffee/wine/tea and let’s chat 🙂 



If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that I let one of the coaches at my box convince me into signing up for the Crossfit Open. The first released workout included my biggest weaknesses–snatches & double unders. I figure it’s a good way to get an extra workout a week in & find out what I need to work on so I can truly compete in 2015. Needless to say I spent Friday evening practicing my DU and ended up like I just got whipped right before going on a date. Good thing it’s still jacket season 🙂  


If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that I’m going to Colorado in April! Really excited to spend time with some good family friends, learn how to ski better, and get my new DSLR taking some beautiful pictures out there. I actually bought skis and boots on Saturday. There went $700 but I have to learn to embrace the frigid Wisconsin winters somehow-at least this way I can be active. 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that I think there’s something in the water. Everytime I log on Facebook someone is now engaged or pregnant. At this rate my friends will have grandchildren before I’m engaged 😉 no but really, I’m kind of digging the single life. I can do what I want, when I want, how I want. 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d ask for good book recommendations. I’m just finishing up Allegiant and I really want to keep reading instead of watching hours and hours of tv. Don’t worry-I’ll still watch Scandal, Greys & Revenge {Revenge comes back Sunday… SO excited} 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d ask for your advice. I simply love getting my AM Crossfit session in and my PM weights. But I think signs of overtraining are starting to show up. How do you know you’re overdoing it? It’s just so hard to take a step back when I’m passionate about it & the happiest in the gym. 


If we were having coffee right now.. I’d tell you to go get a 60 minute massage the next chance you get. If I could afford it monthly I so would go. The first thing the therapist said at the end of the session is “I can tell you workout–you’re tight EVERYWHERE”… yeah I could have told you that. It was nice & relaxing though. 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d probably complain to you about how I only have 4 days off all of March. We have drill 3 times in 6 weeks. I originally had planned to take a couple days off but now that I’m going to Colorado I have no leave left to use up–but that time spent with friends in CO will be worth the stressful month that March will be. It’s going to be a long haul so this past weekend spent with friends, family & my dog was worth it. 


How was your weekend? Any big plans coming up? Book recommendations please!! 🙂 









Virtual Coffee Date #6

I really enjoy doing these on Sundays. Gives me an opportunity to re-hash the good, bad & ugly of the week. So grab your coffee/tea & let’s have another chat 🙂 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you it was a stressful work week. If you’ve paid attention to the news all I will say is that I work full-time for my WI National Guard unit. That’s all I can say but do the math if you know and you can see why it was a crazy one! But busy weeks=fast weeks! 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that the hockey game Friday night was successful. We may have only seen the 3rd period due to dinner/drinks beforehand but it was worth it. Badger win! 


{Maybe one of these days I’ll have another person in the picture to share with ya’ll!}

If we were having coffee right now… I’d complain bitch & moan about how difficult it has been to pick up the couch I purchased Thursday. Long story short, it never got shipped to the Madison location. I only found this out once I had it arranged for family to come drive 75 minutes with a trailer to help me pick it up. Needless to say I went apeshit on the employees there. Couch has been procured and will be gracing my humble abode tomorrow. Until then, I will remain angry with American, the company I purchased it through. 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d have you read this article and we could chat about it. I’m thinking of doing a post with all the amazing articles/videos I’ve been seeing around the internet lately. So many inspirational & thought-provoking pieces I have found. This one here really made me think of the past and how life goes on after serious relationships end. 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d invite you over for dinner! Mad meal prep going on in my kitchen right now. I decided to try counting my macros and doing flexible dieting. I like the idea that as long as you nail your macros, you can eat what you want. I don’t like feeling restricted so let’s see how this goes. First two weeks will be tough but I like routine. 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d bust out my camera and take pictures of everything! I met with my friend last night who began her photography journey & business with the DSLR I just bought. It was nice to get some insider points (plus, the ‘new guy’ has the same camera!) but now the fun begins on learning all it’s capabilities. 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d ask you all about your spring and summer plans. I have such bad spring/cabin fever right now. We were teased with 40 degree weather last week… and it’s going to be in single digits again this week. I’m ready to take my camera out to the trails and snap the beauty! And run (shocking, I know), HIKE… just be outside. I’m going nuts. 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d have to get running because I’m FINALLY forcing myself to sit down and get some ACE CPT studying done. I’m so behind and have to schedule the exam in a few months. It was so much easier to study when you had professors telling you… and a degree resting on it. 

How was your weekend? Any big spring plans coming up?

Random Rambles

After all the poor things I’ve been handed the past few months–it was all worth it. I’m telling you ya’ll, be patient and good things WILL happen. 

God won’t hand you anything you can’t handle. 


So many things I want to share, but I have word vomit happening. So here’s the big items: 

*I became a big girl and bought my first real adult thing…. a couch. 


*while we’re on the shopping front.. I also invested in my first DSLR. my friends wife just bought the nikon d5200 so sold me the d5100 with an extra lens, external flash & 5 UV filters for $450. STEAL. 


*work has been super busy… like non-stop e-mails, phone calls, meetings. which means this week has flown by. 

*i found out I can get out of my lease for much cheaper than I anticipated! So tomorrow I call the 5 apartments I have narrowed it down to and see who has availabilities come May 1. Time to move and get a better place! 

*i cannot stop listening to the most raunchy song ever. You won’t regret it.

*last but not least–tomorrow night I’m going to the hockey game! i listened to all your advice in my last post & couldn’t be happier. let’s hope it goes well 🙂

*need your advice: i save all my bottle caps… should I make a coffee table with all the bottle caps on tops or this: 


Okay I’m done with all my random thoughts.. see you this weekend! 

Anything fun to share from this week? Any big weekend plans? 

Hockey game date friday night, getting coffee with a girlfriend saturday morning, picking up couch & going to my friends house who is a photographer to learn to use my new baby!