The C Word

I remember the very first time I went to Crossfit back in October… I was so nervous. I don’t do well in new situations. I get a bit of social anxiety.

“Will everyone be powerhouses who can do a sub 4 minute Fran? Will I be the ‘new girl’ who no one talks to?”

Luckily none of that was the case. What I didn’t know going into it though is that at my box, the 4 letter C word is illegal. (not that C-word ya’ll…) 


What a powerful word. I never really thought about the magnitude of that word until I was told that if you get caught saying the ‘C word’ you owe 10 burpees. Doesn’t matter if it’s mid WOD, after the WOD, or during the warm-up. You drop then and there. Yes, I found this out the hard way on day #1. 

The moral behind this post is more than just how to C word is prohibited at my box. It’s what I’ve learned about saying “I can’t‘ in the past 6 months. By saying you can’t you’re letting yourself fail before you even make an attempt.


Your mind is so much stronger than your body.  Unfortunately it doesn’t just have to be a verbal ‘cant’…. I have realized that the times you tell yourself in your mind you ‘cant’ do something it’s just as hindering as verbalizing it. Because when I think to myself that I can’t do something.. it is expressed in my demeanor. The past few weeks I’ve had Keysha (the A(M) team coach) tell me “Karla, get out of your damn head and get back on the bar”. 


Everyone at my box is confident in my abilities…except for me. Hell if I’m push pressing 56 kilos I should be able to do some damn pull-ups. But I look up at that bar and say “I can’t do it”. Well not anymore. Now when I catch myself thinking the C-word, I’m dropping and doing those damn burpees. I will no longer be my own limiting factor. I CAN do these things, and I WILL do these things. 

Do yourself a huge favor–erase cant from your dictionary. 


Friday Fun

The weekend is finally here and I cannot say that I haven’t earned this one. My 12 days on/2 days off schedule for the past 6 weeks is finally over! As soon as I hit publish on this one I’m going to go open a cold one and relax.

This week has been quite a good one despite being burnt out to all hell. Got in solid workouts, some social outings (gasp!), and big news. Here’s a little recap on all fronts! 

Been busting my ass in the gym. Dear lord am I sore non-stop. We’re talking about delayed DOMS two or three days after the fact. But it’s that hurt so good sort of sore. And it’s working.


Hey traps–fancy meeting you there ;) 


Now if I could just trim down that tummy and those damn love handles a little more… goals! 

Between Crossfit and my own lifting schedule come this morning though I was a bit burnt out. It was another WOD where I was mentally defeated and the coach kept telling me “Get back on the damn bar, Karla!” 

3 RFT:  
6 thrusters (35k)
12 power cleans (35k)
24 pull-ups (i did banded today, no way was I stringing solid sets together) 
48m plate push (15k) 

I wanted to die. There’s not many workouts where I tell myself I cannot physically do this anymore but today was that day. So this relaxing afternoon has been a nice treat to myself. 

We had a bit of a traumatic experience at work yesterday. Without going into details I will just say that we were on complete lockdown for an imminent active shooter threat. Needless to say I needed puppy therapy and I got just that during lunch. 


Speaking of work–my promotion FINALLY came through. It only took 5 months–but that backpay check will be nice. I went out to celebrate last night with a friend and found an amazing new wine bar. I think it’s safe to say I’ll frequent there a lot. 


So clearly my life is workout, work, workout, eat, drink (wine) sleep & repeat. Boss let us leave at 1300–1pm for you non military folk! ;) so I spent the afternoon on my balcony studying and drinking iced coffee. Spring is finally here. 


Time for some more fun with girlfriends tonight and heading home tomorrow! Life is good, so good. 

What are your weekend plans?

All the Random Rambles

I have been so go-go-go lately that I have had zero energy to get a coherent post out. Today is no different so brace yourself for all the rambles and tangents imaginable. 

Work has been pretty busy. A new program that pertains to about 90% of my job just launched so it’s been quite the task figuring out how the system works and then figuring out how to get the 60 Officers in the Battalion to understand how it works. Change is always difficult but it’s given me a lot to work on which in turn makes the time at work go quicker! 

Colorado ya’ll. I leave in 11 days. Not like I’m counting or anything ;) Two days of skiing, a day of hiking, two days of relaxing and 6 paid days of vacation. Hellll yeah. After having drill 3 times in 5 weeks I need this vacation badly. 


We will be skiing Loveland and staying in Evergreen. I am so excited to take my new baby (the DSLR) and get some pretty pictures and play with it. 

On that note, I have two other mini-vacays coming up too! A friend of mine is deploying in May so I’m flying out to Ft Bliss, TX for a short weekend trip to see him before he leaves country. Then in June I’m flying to Kansas to see my BEST friend Jessie. I set her and her husband up and now they’re stationed down there. SO much fun stuff to look forward to. 


Crossfit has been going well. Also using Krissy’s ( workouts as well. Ya’ll need to go check her out for real. Last week I was sent a training plan that was all German Volume Training and I did the first workout today. Holy hell I am already sore. Such a good burner. I highly recommend everyone check her site out but at minimum look into German Volume Training to get some lean mass going. Boom! 


The Badgers did cause some excitement in my life! The tournament was awesome this year and Saturday night was a heartbreaking loss for Badger nation. Ya’ll can say I’m biased but Wisco really deserved the W over Kentucky. 



Otherwise there hasn’t been too much new and excitement going on. Still trying to get into that apartment I’m loving and I’m as single as they come.. and really ready for spring and summer weather. 

Tell me: What’s your favorite exercise? Any big travel plans? 

Virtual Coffee Date #8

I promise I didn’t completely drop off the face of the earth. First off it’s been March Madness and my badgers are killing it. And work decided to block all wordpress sites so now my blogging/commenting time is only left for evenings. That being said… lets catch up! 

If we were having coffee right now… I’d show you some of these fun images I had taken. My friend is getting into portrait photography and I scored some legit free photos. 



I lucked out with a ton of great pictures, and only a couple ‘eh’ ones. But those two are my favorite :) 

If we were having coffee right now…. I’d tell you I’m back to putting me #1. For a while I was interested in dating and going on quite a few dates. But as I’ve written before I’m having some issues losing weight. In fact I gain weight despite busting my ass at the gym. I am going to go into full meal prep and tracking/weighing everything I eat. So long cabarnet…. 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d share with you some potential big changes I have coming. I applied for a new full-time job and I also am thinking of transferring National Guard units. While the place I’m at is outstanding and in aviation, I don’t have the opportunity to lead Soldiers right now. If I don’t make this move now, I’ll never have the opportunity to lead a platoon. 

If we were having coffee right now… I would go on and on about how excited I am to go to Colorado. I am in desperate need of a vacation right now. I went to visit my parents and saw my beautiful new skis today and I just cannot wait. Skiing, hiking, photography, and RELAXING. Yes please. And Loveland just got 12″ of snow yesterday.. I leave in 21 days. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it…. :)


If we were having coffee right now… I’d show you pictures of the apartment I’m moving into hopefully. It isn’t official as I haven’t signed a lease yet but the leasing agent was 95% sure there’d be an availability for a 1 bedroom between now and September. Look at this beautiful place! 


If we were having coffee right now… I’d ask you to share something happy with me. I’m participating in the #100HappyDays campaign and I have been loving it. It’s so easy to focus on the negativity in the world, but there’s so much good around us. Even the littlest of things. 


If we were having coffee right now… there’d be a shameless plug about Crossfit. The Open is going on right now and some of the athletes at my box talked me into competing-I figured what the hell. The first WOD killed me as double unders were my enemy (now I am stringing sets of 30 together easily!) Anyways… last week I killed it. I got the same score as someone who’s been doing crossfit for over 2 years and is a VERY solid athlete. I didn’t even think I’d make it to the cleans because toes to bar are difficult for me. Luckily I was cruising through and my coach set the bar up for me. In 14 min I was able to get through the 60 cal row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wall balls and 7 of the 30 power cleans for a total of 157 reps! 


Crossfit may get a bad reputation for being a cult or produce a lot of injuries but it is the happiest hour of my day. No where else can I pour my heart and soul into something and feel so great doing it. It’s really helped my anxiety. Now if it would physically help that’d be awesome. 

Well time to watch the Badgers finish off Baylor and then channel my inner Olivia Pope for some Scandal. I promise to be back this weekend! 

Tell me something exciting that I’ve missed!

Heavy Numbers

Get ready, this post is one of those that no one really likes to talk about.  

It’s no secret that I’m not a thin or slender person-I never have been and probably never will be. In fact, I’m rather stocky by today’s standards. As much as I tell myself that it’s not about the number on the scale, your mind can only take so much. When that three digit number goes up every time I step on the scale, when I buy size 12/14 jeans… I can’t ignore those n\umbers as hard as I try. Then to add fuel to the fire, the Army consistently tells me I’m borderline ‘obese’ based off my height & weight and BMI (I’m 5’7″ and 182 pounds-I wish I was kidding). It gets exhausting after awhile.


Two days ago I went in to see my doctor and get a ton of lab work done. Since I have returned from my army training mid-September I have been putting on weight; 13 pounds to be exact. That amount may not sound like a lot of weight gain to you. But let me further explain: 

I work out HARD 5-6 times a week, 4 of those being twice a day. I eat healthy 80% of the time. {Yes, I could eat better. We all could. But that’s not really LIVING either-balance y’all} 

But regardless, I should not be gaining weight with all that work I’m putting in. Before you say ‘it’s just muscle’… please don’t. If it were just muscle my clothes would be fitting better…they’re not. I would be hitting new PR’s at Crossfit and the gym… I’m not. 

In addition to packing on the pounds like it’s my job, I am also beyond exhausted. Last night I got 10 hours of solid, out-cold sleep, yet when my alarm went off I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I’ve been driving into work while in a complete haze because I am downright wiped out; talk about dangerous. Additionally, I’m bruising incredibly easily. The weight gain, exhaustion & bruising all were pointing towards thyroid or anemia issues. My mom has hypothyroidism so it seemed pretty logical to me…


{got that dandy from lifting 5 chairs…}

I was truly hoping that was the case… I oddly have been hoping for abnormal blood work. I don’t want anything to be wrong with me, but I also want and deserve answers too. But from the looks of it, all my blood work has come back in the “normal” range. So what the fuq gives?! 

I’m not trying to have a ‘poor me pity party‘ but damn, when can I catch a break? I don’t spend hours in the gym because I feel obligated to-truth is I love it. It’s my favorite time of the day and is cathartic. But that’s not to say I don’t want to not enjoy reaping the benefits of all my hard work, dedication, and sacrifices I make in doing so.


While my blood work has come back ‘normal’ it’s on the low side for the TSH levels… this just means I need to talk to my doc more–I’m not giving up! I’m hoping they’ll put me on a trial for medication for hypothyroidism to see if that’s it. Otherwise I need to fully embrace the body that I have… and ignore that damn number. It doesn’t measure self-worth, compassion, strength… it’s just a silly number. {{If I could only get myself to completely believe that!}}



Friday Favorites

This week has completely flown by for me–I hope you can say the same. While I want to throw my hands up and rejoice that it is Friday.. I have drill this weekend. So here’s to another 7 days of work. Cheers.

Meanwhile.. here’s some of my favorites from this week!

*You Don’t Have to Be Rich in Your 20s: Totally justifies buying a couch, skis, bindings, boots, and a DSLR all within 2 weeks. Time for memories folks, not a fat bank statement.

*Reason #8 million why I love where I live: And to think that I almost moved numerous times. A little ARCTIC weather can’t scare me. ;)

*22 Rules to Avoid Being THAT Athlete: Every sport has ‘rules’… check out this article on recommendations for CrossFit!

Favorite form of positivity:
Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 6.00.45 PM

Favorite funny:
Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 6.11.40 PM

Favorite Dream Vacation:
Lock me up in any of these places with good books, my DSLR & coffee/wine served to me by an attractive man ;)
Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 6.24.29 PM

Favorite Athlete:
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. She may have ‘lost’ in the 14.2 opener but damn this girl is perfect to me. I have such a lady crush!
Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 8.05.57 PM

You can’t tell me she’s not perfect!

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 8.06.53 PM

Favorite Jams: 

John Legend f/ Ludacris-Tonight:
Disturbed-Down With the Sickness: {an oldie but a gooodie!}

and with that my ADD has kicked in.

Any good reads you’ve found this week? Weekend plans?

Willingly Overtraining

Most of us have dealt with overtraining in some capacity… some are lucky enough to catch themselves before it gets to be a serious problem. We all know some of the signs of overtraining: 

-lack of ability to focus/concentrate
-diminished speed/power/strength
-increased irritability
-anxiety, depression, heightened insecurities


Those signs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the negative impact of overtraining… I neglected to mention the obvious: exhaustion, both physically and mentally. Which keeps your body from achieving the results you deserve. 

You can be on the point with your workouts & nutrition… but if rest isn’t incorporated into your regime it will not work. 

Yesterday I did the Crossfit 14.1 workout {for a second time…} then proceeded to go to my Anytime Fitness to work on double unders and to do a strength workout. At one point I looked in the mirror, saw my ‘bat wings’ and cried. At the gym. Who does that?


I’ve been feeling incredibly fatigued lately. Yet I continue to push myself. Not because I feel obligated too but because I want to.  

I am happiest when I start my days with my 5:30 AM crossfit group. It’s a great group of motivating and really nice people. After sitting all day I want to go to the gym after work too to “un-do” sitting all day long. It never feels like a chore… but it’s taking a toll on me mentally more than anything. 

For the fitness enthusiast, it’s incredibly difficult to find balance. Balance is a problem everywhere: balance in workouts, nutrition, social life, etc. It’s even harder when the thing that makes you the most happy, that endorphin-high, is also causing stress to your mind & body. 

Yesterday when I was crying at the gym was when I finally realized I need to find different outlets. Yes I want to excel in Crossfit, I want to get the aesthetics I’m striving for… but I cannot do double workouts five times a week, while also working a full-time job. Kudos to those athletes who can but Crossfit puts a beating on your body. I need to respect this body–it’s the only one I have. 


So today, I listened to my body and not my mind. I took a beating this morning at Crossfit and realized I am wiped out. Never during workouts do I think “I cannot actually do this” and that was the only thought I had this morning during the WOD. So I took the afternoon off. Tonight I cleaned my apartment, watched some Netflix & I am about to watch The Voice with a glass of wine. 

It won’t be easy finding this balance because gym time is MY time–it’s my favorite. But there’s no point in spending HOURS heavily training, eating well, getting adequate sleep if I’m just going to overtrain. Time to make it about quality > quantity

How do you know you’re overtraining? Do you have a hard time saying ‘no’ to a workout because you sincerely enjoy it? Tell me some of your alternates to a endorphin-producing workout…